norway post #7

greetings from sunny kristiansand, when the sun actually sets, but not until 11:30. this will be a post describing the events of the previous day, because i was just too braindead last night to get anything done.

yesterday started, surprisingly enough, at breakfast. i branched out into something i hadn’t seen in norway before yesterday: cereal. in addition to my eggs and cheese and bread, i had a small bowl of cornflakes mixed with muesli. it was very good and i enjoyed it muchly. after breakfast, we all walked down to the harbor and got on a boat for a two hour cruise to lillesand. if there was ever a time when i felt my heritage coming through, this was it. the coastline was beautiful, and the trees were fantastic, and the water all around me was just magnificent. i spent a lot of time standing at the bow of the ship just looking out and taking it all in. i was also party to some of dr. a’s silliness coming through, and laughed more than i had laughed all tour so far.

after we docked in lillesand, we were treated to a lunch of fiskesuppe (fish soup) by the mayor. i was very pleased, but my stomach didn’t quite know what to think. we sang a small concert (which we shared with the town men’s chorus), and then went back to kristiansand via motorcoach. before returning to the hotel for the evening, we stopped at the arkivet, the building which used to house the state archive and which the nazis used as the gestapo headquarters during the german occupation of norway during world war II. the exhibits they had on the prison cells and torture chambers that the nazis used was absolutely horrifying, and i am very thankful that unlike other cultures, the norwegians study the past so that they can avoid repeating it.

when we returned to the hotel, i spent the rest of the evening here doing computer stuff, like uploading pictures and talking to nicole. i went out for about an hour to get some food, but everything but mcdonalds was closed, so it doesn’t look like i was missing much of kristiansand’s vibrant night life.

anyway, i have to go practice for the concert now, so i’ll write about today’s events and include some more thoughts when i return. peace, and behave.

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