norway post #6

holy shit! free wireless internet in a hotel in norway! whoooooooo-hoooooooo!

we left larvik for kristiansand today, and i for one was sad to see it go. so pretty…
the drive was quite nice however, and the beautiful landscapes made me fall in love with norway even more. once i get pictures resized and up on shutterfly, you can see what i saw.
on the way to kristiansand, we stopped in arendal and did what we in the st. olaf choir affectionately refer to as a “sing and run” or a “drive-by concert”. this involves stopping at a town along the path between points A and B, rehearsing in this town, eating dinner, singing a concert, and then getting back on the buses to finish up the trip to point B.

veteran members of the st. olaf choir are no strangers to this concept, as there are usually at least 2 sing-and-runs on any given tour. however, tonight’s concert was was especially awesome for a number of reasons. first off, we were in a hall where we could actually hear each other. second, we were in a much lower stress environment for rehearsal as well as the concert, and dr. a was having fun, which means we were having fun. the concert was fantastic, and afterwards we did benediction in the church across the street. it was the perfect ending to a wonderful concert.

and now here i am, on the fifth floor of the hotel norge in kristiansand, norway. i’m no longer medicated, and bed is callin’ my name, so i should wrap this up for the night and talk more when i actually have something to say. peace, and behave.

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