norway post #3

it’s raining, and a bit chilly, but i’m wearing shorts anyway as an act of rebellion. it’s summer, damn it, so i’m going to dress like it’s summer. it also helps that i’m compensating by wearing my fleece, and i’ll be spending the vast majority of the day indoors or on a bus. i figure that if i’m cold for the next hour or so, i’ll just suck it up and let my body deal with it.

today is our last in oslo. we checked out of the hotel this morning, loaded our suitcases and things onto the bus, and were set free to roam the city until 3:45, when we’re supposed to return to the hotel and board the buses which will take us to larvik and our first homestays.

someone found a coffee shop on the plaza next to the rĂ„dhuset (city hall) that offers free wi-fi, so i have decided to spend some time here checking email and things like that. ironically, the only email account i can’t check is my st. olaf one, because IIT has scheduled server downtime for the 3rd of june. it’s supposed to start after 12:00pm CDT, but i have a feeling that the email server crashed overnight and the system administrators don’t know about it yet or they just decided to let the sucker hang.

as you can see, i wrote a lot in the previous two blog posts. i’ve been spending a few hours each night recording my thoughts and what i did each day both so that the readers of this humble blog can see it, and so that i can go back to them later and better recall my experiences here in norway. hopefully i’ll remember to do that before i go senile.

i’m also going to post some practical things (such as the location of this coffee shop, good ways to save money while traveling in norway, why icelandair rocks my socks off) in the compendium so that if/when i ever come back here, i can just go there and avoid a number of the mistakes i made the first time.

also, if you’re interested in seeing any of the pictures i’ve taken, i’m going to be uploading them to shutterfly

alright. i’m going to post this and then try to find a downloadable trial of microsoft visual studio .SUCK ^H^H^H^H^H .NET so that i can get acquainted with it before i have to teach kids how to program in it. peace, and behave.

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