norway post #12

greetings from loen, my new favorite small town.

loen basically consists of 3 hotels, 2 campgrounds, and the strongest wi-fi signal i have ever encounted. i’m sitting in the 3rd floor lounge of our hotel, and as far as i can tell, this signal is coming from across the street at the other hotel (which is about 800ft.). i’ve come up here to just relax, unwind, catch up with the world and post some pictures and things to the internet so that y’all can see what i saw today.

we’re here in loen simply because after 8 hours of driving, it’s a good place to stop before another 8 hours of driving. regardless of the reason, loen is absolutely beautiful. we’re less that 100ft from the mouth of a glacier-fed river which feeds into the fjord, and we’re surrounded by mountains which just absolutely take your breath away.

tonight’s dinner was fabulous. it was a buffet that had pretty much everything that everyone has been craving over the last 12 days: fresh vegetables, pasta, french fries, potato salad – you name it, it was there. i ate my fill, came up here, and got a fantastic wireless signal.

i then went out to take some pictures and just revel in the beauty that surrounded me. i came in to discover a hardanger fiddle player and norwegian folk dancers, and enjoyed that very greatly.

after the dancing was done, i went and jumped into the fjord with 5 other people and got the breath shocked out of me. it was cold as hell, but i’m glad i did it. after all, how often do you get to say that you jumped into a glacier-fed fjord?

this town is absolutely stunning. bj did good by us in stopping here for the night. i for one am quite pleased. too bad i have to load the bus at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

anyway, i’m going to go call my girlfriend and go to bed. peace, and behave.

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